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The RBG Foundation is a 501c3, non-profit. Our mission is to create scholarship opportunities for young Black girls looking to have an enriching summer experience while emphasizing the importance of Career Readiness, Empowerment and Career Exploration.

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Your contribution to the RBG Foundation is an investment in the futures of our school aged pk-12 baby girls.

Every donation goes straight to providing scholarships to many of the amazing yet unaffordable programs that exist.

Nationwide the average program cost $314 per week for one child and for many parents it’s unaffordable

To date, we’ve given out $14,000 in summer scholarships and we hope to do even more for summer 2022

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Why focus on summer programming?
Why not the whole school year?

Everyone focuses on the school year. But every parent knows summertime is equally important time to:

A living example of why we do this work…

My Transformative YMCA Experience Abroad

By Dorcas Olatunji

This past summer, with the YMCA of Delaware’s Global Teen program, I went abroad for the first time to London, for the YMCA175 Celebration Summit, the birthplace of the YMCA. Over 160 countries gathered in London to hear from youth and the YMCA’s global leaders and partners to advance the initiatives of national YMCAs. I felt empowered as I attended TED-ED sessions on how to prepare a talk, environmental panels on responding to the UN’s 12-year prediction, and physical activities like volleyball and basketball. While abroad, I and the sixteen other participants in the Global Teens program aimed to document the meaning of diversity and inclusion from the international advocates. I participated in the Y-USA’s strategic breakfast and shared the importance of giving youth a platform to impact their communities. I felt honored to be a United States representative with the opportunity to contribute to such a vibrant community. After the conference concluded in a few days, I packed my global perspective to share with Delaware youth delegations.

This trip would not have been possible without the funds that I received from the Real Brown Girls organization. Their support of my summer plans made the opportunity to become a global youth advocate tangible and financially-possible. I am eternally grateful for the donors that funded my scholarship, and for the founder of Real Brown Girls, Sable B.

She made sure everything ran smoothly and walked my father and I through the steps to receive the funds on time. The Real Brown Girls Scholarship made my travel plans possible and my first time traveling abroad a reality.

The YMCA of Delaware went with the mission of spreading the word on Diversity, Inclusion, and Awareness as our main themes. One of my favorite moments was the volleyball tournament where I played with friends from Spain, Sweden, Germany, and Switzerland, all in the same room. The entire conference, though only four days, gave me a global perspective and experience I will never forget. After London, we went to Paris for two days to sightsee and enjoy our time with fellow delegates.

Quite Frankly,