The average person has a goal no matter their age, babies included. Goals come a dime a dozen. According to social media, folks are walking around with relationship goals, career goals, bae goals, wardrobe goals, friendship goals, food goals, body goals and then some. There is no shortage of human beings with goals. Everybody and their mama has a goal or two. I find this hilarious because most of these people won’t put in the work to take their goals from the simple utterance of words to action and then a step further to fruition. 

Your goals don’t mean jack if you’re lazy. Yes, I said the forbidden word “lazy.” It’s almost like no one wants to say the “L” word anymore. To call someone lazy is considered mean and insensitive. To a certain degree, I get it. Yet as someone who listens to folks talk about their dreams ALL DAY LONG, I feel like I have earned the right to call a spade a spade. For the sake of this conversation, this particular spade equals lazy. 

It’s the truth and I tell no lies. Some people are just lazy. 

And if I take my honesty a step further, I don’t mind when people are lazy. Everyone of us deserves lazy days and lazy moments. My issue is when a person is all talk and no action OR talk with lazy action. 

What do I mean by lazy action? I mean someone who gives 50%, but expects 100% return on their partial investment. I mean someone who doesn’t recognize that patience, sacrifice, and hard work is part of the success equation. I mean someone who believes tenure means more than quality of work. 

Someone with the work ethic of a fat house cat, but tells the world they are the next Beyonce! To all those people, I have two short questions: HOW and WHY? 

Social media has people disillusioned and confusing virtual reality with actual reality (IRL). Curated profiles has convinced a generation of people that curated profiles will lead you to success. High follower counts has hypnotized folks into believing that is the way to make money, the way to a poppin career. 

Poppin careers no matter the industry are possessed by folks with a strong work ethic and the dream and desire to WIN no matter what. These folks who have made it have been working tirelessly for years to perfect their craft (#allfieldsmatter). 

Poppin careers take time and effort. They are not given out to the lazy. In fact, they are not given out at all. They are earned with every late night and early morning. They are earned with every small success and every difficult defeat. They are earned over time, then suddenly people look up and realize, mama I made it! Those moments are sweet, because you recognize all of your hard work was not in vain. 

Laziness won’t get you a poppin career. Never has. Never will. 

Sable B
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