For a few years now, every entrepreneur, experienced or not, telling folks to quit their day job and chase these over-glamorized entrepreneur lifestyle. I watched quietly from the sideline often outraged for numerous reasons. 

Before I begin, let me clarify there is nothing wrong with desiring to work for yourself. I firmly believe that everyone should be able to do something they love, especially when it consumes so much of your blessed time here on earth. However, my spirit pauses repeatedly when I hear some of the language used to encourage folks to quit their day jobs. 

I am not anti-entrepreneurship nor am I pro-traditional full-time work. Instead, I am pro doing what is right for you in the current stage of your life. For someone women that is full-time work in corporate America or a non-profit setting, for others that might mean a plethora of freelance assignments, for another it might mean full-time work with a side hustle. The options truly are endless, we are multifaceted and quite frankly what works for someone else might not work for you or for me and we should both be okay with that. 

Before you spend your hard earned money from your day job plotting to quit your day job, do me a favor and ask yourself the following questions. 

  1. Is money the only motivation for wanting to work for myself? 
  2. Could my current issues with my job be resolved by securing a new one? 
  3. Is my job really the problem or are there other issues in my life that I don’t want to address? 
  4. What do I seek to gain from full-time entrepreneurship and are there other ways I can achieve that without quitting? 
  5. Do I have enough saved up to sustain my current lifestyle and my responsibilities if I do not make the money I imagine? 
  6. Can I afford medical insurance for myself and my family without my day job? 
  7. What am I truly willing to sacrifice in order to be an entrepreneur? 
  8. Am I disciplined enough to work for myself?
  9. Can I test the waters without quitting my job? 
  10. Is this really what I want to do? 

Being an entrepreneur is not as glamorous as folks on Instagram and other social media platforms would lead you to believe. Before you make any hasty decisions in 2017, ask yourself, is this really what I’m trying to do, all jokes aside?

Sable B
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