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Laziness Won’t Get You the Career You Want

The average person has a goal no matter their age, babies included. Goals come a dime a dozen. According to social media, folks are walking around with relationship goals, career goals, bae goals, wardrobe goals, friendship goals, food goals, body goals and then some. There is no shortage of human beings with goals. Everybody and […]

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Don’t Quit Your Day Job

For a few years now, every entrepreneur, experienced or not, telling folks to quit their day job and chase these over-glamorized entrepreneur lifestyle. I watched quietly from the sideline often outraged for numerous reasons.  Before I begin, let me clarify there is nothing wrong with desiring to work for yourself. I firmly believe that everyone […]

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Degrees Won’t Get You Respect At Work

Let me begin by saying, I all for an educated brown girl with letters behind her name. I’m both impressed and extremely proud when I learned a brown girl graduated with honors. I would love to pretend I graduated with honors, but that would be a lie both my bachelor and graduate degree left me […]

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