Meet R.B.G.

Real Brown Girls promotes a community of women online and in the real world who understand the value of supporting other women of color. We curate experiences and educational opportunities catering to Black and Brown women looking to grow as a professional and live a life just as bomb as they are. 

Meet the Team

Sable B. is a global diversity and equity strategist. She’s the founder of Real Brown Girls, a social community of over 98K women. Through her work, Sable has reached thousands people by way of workshops, conferences, panels, and events. Sable founded The RBG Foundation in 2018, to date it has given out $10K in scholarships for summer programs for girls of color throughout the country.
With 10+ years of experience, Sable has the background and expertise to facilitate healthy and provocative dialogue that conjures up movement no matter the audience. She’s currently the Global Director of Programs & Communications for a UK based company. Her resume includes global investment banks, global tech companies, global social media platforms, Willis Towers Watson, Expedia, BBH, Soho House and more.
She is a native New Yorker, born in Brooklyn, and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in African American Studies and French from Temple University and a Master of Education from UPENN. She’s been featured in XONecole, 21Ninety, Blavity, and Quartz.

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Ever been to a RBG event?

Picture an ambitious tribe of goal-getters and career-chasers, creating a community of women who value supporting other women, eager to advance in their careers, through curated events and interactive workshops. 

Our events don’t follow the traditional modes of networking. In fact, we don’t like the word networking at all. Instead, we believe in facilitating experiences allowing women to begin relationships that will thrive well past the event. 

How do we do this?

By creating an atmosphere that promotes human connection through dialogue, community, and collaboration.

Catch us on a good day, we might even twerk to trap music after praying over our food.