Strategy Sessions

Dreams don't work unless you do, but you know this.

Pull a random stranger off the street and ask them what are their goals in life and chances are they'll have an answer. I dare you to probe this same person a step further and ask them how they're going to turn their goals into reality and watch the generic responses begin. Now of course, there are people who have it all together. But, if we're honest most of us don't quite know how to make action plans that work for us and how we roll

What does this have anything to do with me? Glad you asked. I've developed a sure strategy that can take any dedicated person from point A to point Z.

Ask anyone what they want to accomplish in the next 12 months and the average person will have a response. However, ask them if they have a concrete plan to turn their goals into reality and silence will take over, 80% of the time.

I was born a planner. At the age of 5, I had over $1,000 saved and a legal pad detailing how, when, and where I got the money. My mother loves to tell me she realized when I spent any of my money, my 5 year old self would create a plan to replace it, whether it was selling candy during lunch or waiting patiently until the next holiday where my family was guaranteed to break a sistah off

This level of planning didn't fail me in all of my schooling, including college where I never pulled an all nighter. I admit, I pulled a long-nighter once, but I was helping folks, I could have left that tech center at midnight.

I'm clearly no longer a college or even graduate student, but I've worked side by side with teachers, lawyers, collegiate students, marketing professionals and more helping them create a plan that would allow them to move from A to Z

What does it take to actually accomplish your goal AFTER you have a plan?

One 60 Minute Goal Setting Session

You've been working for some time and you're ready for the next move but you're not sure what it looks like or how to get there. You've been comfortable for some time and the thought of pushing yourself scares you, procrastination sets in. You will receive practical next steps to get you moving and unstuck. Sometimes we all need a little clarity and that's exactly what you'll receive.

One 60 minute one-on-one call

Goal setting & analysis

Career swot & analysis

Action plan with target dates

  • Sable gave me a new resume and cover letter.In between one of our sessions, I began an application for a position with my documents. Before I submitted, the application I received an email saying, “I saw that you started your application…Based on what I see…I wanted to let you know we consider you high candidate for this role.” A week later they called me to interview.
    J. Curtis
  • She gave me, my resume, and my cover letter, her undivided attention. She did more then tweak my resume, she prepped me for my interview. I could tell she cared. Within a week, I had a new resume and cover letter.I applied for a few more positions shortly after and I got an interview with the position I wanted the most and the job!
    R. Wiliams
  • She was beyond helpful and knowledgeable. She answered every email, gave great tips and gave my resume and cover letter an extreme upgrade. I know it's because of her work and guidance that I got the job that I wanted.
    B. Winston
  • Thank you Sable for updating my resume! I received an interview with United Airlines and I was accepted to an English Language Learners certification program! Keep up the excellent work!
    Janelle Hundley