Previous Writers

Talia Leacock_Real Brown GirlsTalia Leacock is a twenty-something word-obsessed, afro-wearing gym rat with a penchant for shower singing, an addiction to cheesecake, and an unparalleled love for bookstores. She is ever on the hunt for positivity, hope, justice, and truth. Connect with Talia!@sweetteaxo


Real Brown GirlsIshia Lynette was born in El Paso, Texas and raised on the outskirts in a little town named Canutillo. At an early age she knew writing was not just a hobby for her but her way to connect to the world. Now, 25 she calls Austin, Texas home “for now” and is currently working on numerous projects in order to achieve her future goals. A free spirit, a wanderer, and VERY curious of the world unseen. She finds joy in simple things and Ice Cream, yes “Ice Cream”. Her future aspirations include being a self published writer, a teacher to the youth in Africa, and a successful business owner. Ishia is a “natural enthusiast”, and believes knowing yourself and being yourself is key to finding peace in life. She hopes her poems and stories will encourage others to “Keep going!”,”No matter how hard it seems, no matter how bad it hurts,continue to grow and never stop.”

Kierra Holroyd_Real Brown GirlsKierra Holroyd is a brand strategist dedicated to helping brown women find their way through the nuances of professional development. Having worked every position from retail to childcare, to corporate, she understands the struggle many women face to communicate effectively and be taken seriously in a place of business. Kierra represents for women of color in the workplace everyday, but also tries to stay humble and receptive; passing along the lessons in the constructive criticism.  Mother of 3 (yes 3!) fur babies, and wife to an amazing man who puts up with all of her nonsense. Brown girl, first. Connect with Kierra: @kierraholroyd

Kourtnella Fullard_Real Brown GirlsKourtney Naomi Fullard is a Philadelphia native. She has found her passion in writing, poetry, and promoting spiritual prosperity to people of all kinds. She is a senior at SUNY Purchase College where she is pursuing a degree in Literature. In her spare time, she curates her blog kbwords, which is a platform displaying “raw material for the developing young adult.” Kourtney wishes to pursue her career in writing as well as in higher education. She draws inspiration from literary icons such as Toni Morrison and the late James Baldwin. Connect with Kourtney: @Kourtnella


Ray Ali_Real Brown GirlsRay Ali is an American-Cuban African. In 2004, she received a Bachelor of Arts in History from the historic Bethune-Cookman University. In 2010, she relocated to Atlanta, Georgia to attend Clark Atlanta University, majoring in Africana Women Studies (MLA). On October 11, 2013, she was diagnosed with Blastic Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cell Neoplasm (BPDC), a rare, yet acute Leukemia and started treatment immediately. On March 21, 2014, her sister became her life’s keeper as her transplant donor. As a patient-survivor activist, she write narratives around issues that she has encountered during the process. Her experiences are interwoven into the narratives. Connect with Ray: @bgsc_bmt

Christina ChavezChristina Chavez is a proud daughter, dedicated community activist, and empowering poet based out of Los Angeles. She attributed much of her identity and sense of purpose to the lineage of resilient Mexican-American matriarchs who raised her. She has dedicated her life’s work to sustaining and uplifting undeserved communities through education advocacy. Real Brown Girls has given her a unique platform to breathe life into the evolution of her poetry. Her poetry on R.B.G. is featured in both Spanish and English, with the specific aim to unite all mujeres (women) and hermanas (sisters) of color alike. She feels blessed and humbled to be a part of a collective of women who are intentional and unapologetic in the celebration of each other’s identity, culture, and leadership at a local and global capacity. When she is not being instrumental in connecting educators, activists, and artists to inspire and contribute to the world around them, you can find her in café writing or at a spoken word event, ratting gyms and scurrying the outdoors, or doing impromptu versions of the robot! Connect with Christina: @cc.poesia

Real Brown GirlsTryphena Wade is a Columbus, Ohio native and a graduate of Howard University. She is an actor/singer by profession and a writer and traveller by passion. She is a dreamer, a lover, a fighter, and Jesus-lover who believes that time is the greatest investment and anything worth having is worth some struggle. Her dream is to peek into every cave and under every rock in ever corner of the earth. “I know that there are very many people who will never experience even half of what I’ve been blessed to enjoy with my own senses. My goal is to be their eyes and ears; to show and share the beauty of God’s creation with the masses.” Tryphena currently plays Queen Sarabi in the North American Tour of Disney’s The Lion King. When she’s not traipsing around the world, she enjoys yoga, reading, rousing conversation, art, and culture of all types.