Sable is available for…

Facilitating Adult Centered Career Advancement Workshops

Facilitating Student Centered Career Readiness Workshops

Production & Facilitation of Online & In-person Networking Events

Keynote Speeches on the following topics:

  • Bouncing Back After a Setback
  • Special Education Services & Resources for Black & Brown Children
  • Parent Centered Advocacy for Students
  • Branding for Students Online
  • Personal Branding for Career Advancement for Women of Color


Days after Sable B.’s visit, our scholars (students) are still talking about her and all of the help she provided. It takes a pool of patience and charisma to secure the attention of 11-14 year olds. And to also have them working?! Sable is truly a seasoned veteran in the industry. The room was buzzing with a collective, focused energy. At the end of the workshop students walked away with a clear understanding of how to organize, create and revise their resumes. Later, our students would willingly (and some voluntarily) work on their assignment. That is truly a testament to how Sable. B can take a project as tedious and unexciting as resume writing and turn it into a fun, interactive project. – Sarah Myers, High School Placement Coordinator, Pave Academy

Sample Workshops

A few previous engagements…

  • Panelist, “Session Review: Technology in Urban Schools,” National Educational Computing Conference, Philadelphia, PA
  • Panelist, “Peace In Action”, United Nations, New York, NY
  • Panelist, “Exchange 2.0”, United Nations- State Department, New York, NY
  • Panelist, “Girl’s Track Annual Women of Power Program” Philadelphia, PA
  • Panelist, “Y Achievers College Panel” Philadelphia, PA
  • Presenter, “How To Market Yourself as a Middle School Student,” Pave Academy
  • Presenter, “Marketing You 101,” 2nd Annual Career Day,  St. Mark’s School, Southborough, MA
  • Presenter, “Jumpstart Your Career,” 2016 Stepping into College Conference, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
  • Panelist, “Choosing a Major & Life After College” Latino College Expo, Inc., The 26th Annual Annual Latino College Expo & Leadership Summit, New York, NY
  • Panelist, “Making HERstory, HERway, From School Desk to Office Desk,” Girls Inc., ” Brooklyn, NY
  • Presenter, “Navigating Different Spaces,” Harlem Lacrosse, Harlem, NY
  • Speaker,  “Stepping into Sisterhood” Women By Choice, Brooklyn, NY
  • Presenter, “You Are Your Brand,”  Newark GALS, Inc.,  Newark, NJ
  • Speaker, STEM Career Day, Mott Hall Bridges Academy, Brooklyn, NY
  • Presenter, “Jumpstart Your Career,” St. Mark’s School, Southborough, MA
  • Presenter, “You Are Your Brand,” Frederick Douglas Academy, Harlem, NY

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