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July 1, 2016
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July 13, 2016

Many of us have experienced the “joy” of sending our resumes out in hopes of snagging an interview. However, some of us have sent out countless resumes and without any interviews. Others of us are getting interviews but not the job. If this is you, you might be doing something “wrong” and we want to point it out to you.

You’re connection-less

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying it’s not what you know but who you know. In some instances, there is truth to this. Connections are important and you need some, whether you consider yourself a people person or not. How do you get these connections? By putting yourself out there, by meeting new people, by having conversations. People cannot help you if they don’t know who you are. People also cannot help you, if you refuse to tell them you need help.

This is not about being a strong woman. This is about being strategic. If you find yourself with no connections, think again! You have family and a friend or two. Talk to them! Tell them what you are looking to do and listen to their responses. Go on that coffee date you’ve been avoiding. Invite that person out to lunch. Put yourself out there girl, don’t be afraid!

You associate selling yourself with negativity. 

Selling yourself isn’t a bad thing. All you have to do is prepare and do so with confidence! You have worked hard, do not be ashamed of your accomplishments. Keep a document of all the wonderful things you’ve done over the years. When you are writing your cover letter and resume, PULL FROM THESE ACCOMPLISHMENTS!

You don’t appear to like people. 

Listen, everyone isn’t for every body. However, if you make it to the interview, but after several interviews you aren’t offered a position, you might want to consider your interview style. Ask yourself, are you conversational? Do you appear likable? People like likable people,  I know I do. Why? Because no one wants to work with a mean individual, if the choice is his or hers.

You’re not committed. 

The race is not given to the swift. You cannot throw in the towel, not even after a fews nos. All you need is that one yes.

Sable B.
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Sable B.

Sable is the founder of Real Brown Girls. When she is not working relentlessly to bring this vision full circle, she can be found singing impromptu original tunes and dancing.
Sable B.
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